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Does  anyone have a feel for how popular 160 really is in  
JA?  If I  were to assess that from my JA 160 experience I'd say there  
any !   ;<

To W2PM,
I guess Louis gave a good feel for the answer to  that question. For my part, 
being niether a "Big Gun" nor a "Gung Ho" DX chaser,  it would seem that 
there are lots of 160 operators in JA who are doing  well with cramped quarters. 
In the last 10 years or so I have logged 181  different JA calls, and have 
worked many of them up to 10 or 20  times.
They seem to be great operators and it would  follow that they get the most 
from their layout. Perseverance seems to be one of  their greatest traits, and 
I have tried to learn from that. 
When you either don't have the room or perhaps  the wherewithall to to put up 
a monster station, persistance and being a good  listener will often get the 
job done. A good sense of humor and remembering that  someone will get to that 
speck of earth again someday helps, too.
Barry, W9UCW
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