Topband: SDR-IQ experience during CQ 160 contest

Tree tree at
Sat Feb 6 10:23:57 PST 2010

> I am curious to hear feedback from anyone who has an SDR RX, would it 
> make a good second RX for DX work?

Since I found I could TX on the band with 100 watts and have the SDR still 
hearing signals on the band - it probably has pretty good dynamic range.

Just playing around with it on the AM broadcast band, it seems to do exactly 
what one would expect.  

The CW filters implemented in the skimmer software seem to work.  They don't
sound as nice as the K3 in this regard however.  And of course, they don't
do diversity.

I would the SDR-IQ would be an excellent candidate for a remote receiver.  


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