Topband: SDR-IQ experience during CQ 160 contest

Jack/W6NF vhfplus at
Sat Feb 6 11:34:11 PST 2010

I have just ordered one of KB9YIG's SoftRock v9.0/USB kits with the
programmable oscillator and BPF. I intend to play with this as a 2nd
receiver on 160 using the N6RK loop antenna. I was concerned about whether I
could still use the receiver while transmitting (100 watts---no PA at this
time) and I am glad to hear someone has done this successfully.


On Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 10:23 AM, Tree <tree at> wrote:

> > I am curious to hear feedback from anyone who has an SDR RX, would it
> > make a good second RX for DX work?
> Since I found I could TX on the band with 100 watts and have the SDR still
> hearing signals on the band - it probably has pretty good dynamic range.
> Just playing around with it on the AM broadcast band, it seems to do
> exactly
> what one would expect.
> The CW filters implemented in the skimmer software seem to work.  They
> don't
> sound as nice as the K3 in this regard however.  And of course, they don't
> do diversity.
> I would the SDR-IQ would be an excellent candidate for a remote receiver.
> Tree
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Jack, W6NF
Silver Springs, NV

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