Topband: SDR-IQ experience during CQ 160 contest

Art k6xt at
Sat Feb 6 11:06:40 PST 2010

I use K3 and 765 in my setup. Like Tree and others I've recently added 
SDR-IQ. It has two great advantages that I can see. with CW Skimmer it 
copies calls, and it copies them all over the band at once. Secondarily, 
it spots them in my logger for me through Skimmer telnet server.

What it isn't is a great receiver. True, it has a DSP filter window. It 
moves around the band quick. But its no feature rich receiver by any 
means, even a modest one. It does have decent dynamic range and a bit of 
filter adjustability.

I see it as a very useful adjunct to a great setup like the K3 with 2nd 
receiver. On the other hand I haven't had it long, perhaps not long 
enough to make more use of it.

73 Art

Björn Mohr wrote:
> On 31 jan 2010, at 19.00, Tree wrote:
>> A few days before the CQ 160 CW contest, I received my new SDR-IQ "receiver"
>> from HRO.  It is a small box - with a USB cable and a BNC connector for
>> the antenna.  The power for it comes from the computer via the USB cable.
> Hi Tree and TB'ers,
> I have been considering a SDR RX just for monitoring the band, but also as a remote second RX. How do you find the performance of the SDR-IQ compared to your K3 or other high end RX?
> I am curious to hear feedback from anyone who has an SDR RX, would it make a good second RX for DX work?
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