Topband: Toroid for OD5NJ

N3SL at N3SL at
Wed Jan 12 14:57:35 PST 2011

Many of you may have see my request in today's Daily DX or with this week's 
 QRZ-DX.  If you did, please pardon the repeat.
Gaby, OD5NJ, is looking to build a couple of 160 xmit antennas and has  
asked me to procure 2 toroids: T300-2D.  Before I purchase these, I thought  
I'd ping the ham community to see if anyone had these or similar "sitting  
around" and ready to be donated to a good cause.
I will take care of shipping them to Gaby.  Please let me know if you  can 
assist.  Also, please email me prior to sending anything, as I don't  want 
to end up with more than he needs.

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