Topband: Boring / Not So Boring Report

Raoul Coetzee raoulcoetzee at
Tue Jan 18 05:27:00 PST 2011

George wrote:



"Poor conditions have been the subject of a number of 
recent postings. Conditions may have been relatively poor 
for most us, but Carlos, N4IS, has been enjoying 
remarkable success during the past three months. From 
noisy Florida he has been able to consistently work 
difficult and rare Asian countries."

This season was very poor for me too and is also evident that ZS1JX spent little 
time on 160m due to 

poor conditions and noise preferring 80m.
My own opinion is that yes, it was worse than the previous 3-4 years for me but 
at the same my own qrm noise floor went up
with many more neighborhood gadgets making noise to add to poor conditions.
But I also would like to state that when I ask Carlos for a prop test, in more 
than 80% of the time, we completed a qso.
It seems as if there is quite a few NA stations with lesser 160m ability trying 
but not making it over the pond.
Also, few NA stations place spots for their fellow ops, so it could lead one to 
think the band is dead.

Kind regards,
Raoul, ZS1REC


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