Topband: Boring / Not So Boring Report

Fri Jan 14 14:56:16 PST 2011

G'Day TopBanders,

Poor conditions have been the subject of a number of 
recent postings. Conditions may have been relatively poor 
for most us, but Carlos, N4IS, has been enjoying 
remarkable success during the past three months. From 
noisy Florida he has been able to consistently work 
difficult and rare Asian countries.

N4IS is using a rotatable Horizontal Waller Flag (HFW), 
along with his newly developped low-noise preamplifier. I 
believe that Carlos' recent work points towards effective 
noise fighting RX antennas that are practical for the 
space-limited TopBander. Check or contact Carlos 
about his HWF and other related developments.


George, AA7JV

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