Topband: JD1BMH(30 Dec.2010-08 Jan.2011)

Harry Kawanobe jg7psj at
Thu Jan 13 03:39:07 PST 2011

 Hello TopBanders,

 Thanks for chasing me during the tour.

 I made 599QSOs with 567stations on TB in this tour.
 I really enjoyed it very much.

 On January 2nd, it was special condition in particular.
 I had over 200QSOs in one night.
 And made a QSO with Paul(N1BUG).
 # Is that the 1st ever between NewEngland-JD1/o?

 This experience kept new hope for me.
 New hope means "WAS on 160m from JD1".

 I look forward to that I can make a QSO with all of you in my next tour. :)

 Best 73's

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