Topband: Apropos of W7RH's not so boring report...

Jim Sorenson kjsorenson at
Thu Jan 13 12:36:34 PST 2011

I too experienced the opening last night here in Saxonburg, PA (nr.
Pittsburgh) and only wish it could have occurred on a Friday or Saturday
night as I had to turn in at 1am local time. In less than 30 minutes I
worked UR5MW, SM3BDO, IV3PRK (Whenever I hear Luis, I know the band is
open), HA9RE, UX0LL/A and EU3AR. F, DL, I, ON, and UA were heard with strong
sigs. I wish I had come down from messing with 160 AM a couple of hours

Does anybody know if UX0LL/A has actually been operating aeronautical mobile
and if so, what are his working conditions. I was very weak for him but he
stuck to it till we finally concluded a proper contact.

Saxonburg, PA

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