Topband: TB recovery?

Mike Waters W0BTU mrscience65704 at
Sat Jan 15 01:30:59 PST 2011

Looks like tonight was a GREAT night to be on 160! :-) From

[US] [1.8MHz] 0925Z = 1825JST   SFI=79 SSN=11 A=6 K=2
LA9IAA       0652Z   1834.5 Bjorn                           W0BV      
PA4VHF       0643Z   1826.5 Moved hr                        W0BV      
G4EIM        0640Z   1815.0 CQ - S9                         W0BV      
PA4VHF       0634Z   1822.0 CQ - gud sig                    W0BV      
F5NTV        0616Z   1829.5                                 W6YI      
G3JMJ        0612Z   1823.0                                 W0BV      
F5NTV        0608Z   1829.5 GN Bruno nic cpi hr             W6OAR     
SM6CPY       0607Z   1832.3                                 W0BV      
SV3RF        0607Z   1817.0                                 W6OAR     
F5NTV        0606Z   1829.5                                 W0BV      
DJ5MN        0601Z   1829.0                                 W0FLS     
SV3RF        0601Z   1817.0                                 W6YI      
LY1G         0556Z   1824.0                                 W0BV      
PA4VHF       0555Z   1822.0                                 W6YI      
G3JMJ        0554Z   1823.0                                 W0FLS     
PA4VHF       0552Z   1822.0 Strong today                    W0BV      
PA4VHF       0552Z   1822.0                                 W0FLS     
G3XGC        0552Z   1830.5                                 W6YI      
S51V         0551Z   1819.5 599                             W0BV      
DJ5MN        0549Z   1829.0                                 W6OAR     
SV3RF        0549Z   1817.0 CQ                              W0BV      
YL2GD        0547Z   1831.5 w/ke1b underneath               W0FLS     
DF2PY        0547Z   1834.5                                 W6YI      
G3XGC        0542Z   1830.5                                 W0FLS     
DF2PY        0535Z   1834.5                                 W0FLS     
DF2PY        0530Z   1834.5 Wolf strong                     K9BWI     
DF2PY        0529Z   1834.5 pounding in                     W0FLS     
HA9RE        0529Z   1818.2 Gud Sigs in MO                  W0EWM     
HA9RE        0527Z   1818.2                                 W6YI      
RA3DA        0523Z   1827.6 Gud Sigs in MO                  W0EWM     
HA9RE        0518Z   1818.2                                 W0FLS     
RW2A         0517Z   1824.9                                 W0EWM     
ON4AOI       0515Z   1827.0                                 W0FLS     
RA3DA        0513Z   1827.6                                 W0FLS     
OE9ICI       0511Z   1814.8 QSX 1814.6                      W0EWM     
SM3BDZ       0506Z   1823.2                                 W0FLS     
OK1EK        0502Z   1824.3                                 W6YI      
OE9ICI       0502Z   1814.8                                 W0FLS     
RK3ER        0500Z   1821.0                                 W0EWM     
TG9NX        0500Z   1830.7                                 WA4RZL    
I8SAT        0452Z   1835.7                                 W0FLS     
RK3ER        0452Z   1821.0                                 W6YI      
SM4CAN       0450Z   1817.1                                 K4IQJ     
RK3ER        0445Z   1821.0                                 W0FLS     
OK2BWM       0442Z   1822.2                                 W0FLS     
SM4CAN       0441Z   1817.2                                 K2XX      
HK6K         0440Z   1827.4                                 K4TR      
RK3ER        0437Z   1821.0                                 K4TR      
RK3ER        0437Z   1821.0 Nice signal                     W0BV      
IV3PRK       0435Z   1832.5                                 K5BG      
[US]<refreshes every minute> 
Sat Jan 15 18:25:45 JST 2011
Sat Jan 15 09:25:45 UTC 2011

Mike Waters

From: Lars Harlin <lars.harlin at>
To: topband at
Sent: Sat, January 15, 2011 12:41:18 AM
Subject: Topband: TB recovery?

As many did witness, this season has not been close to last two in any sense. 
Anyway, believe there is a sign of improvement this last week, even if we did 
suffer  from aurora here at 63 deg north. 

10 US stns in the log this morning. East coast to mid west. And still there was 
an ongoing solar eruption... Lets hope for some good condx in CQ160!

73/Lars, SM3BDZ


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