Topband: TB recovery?

Jeff Maass jmaass at
Sat Jan 15 04:25:31 PST 2011

> As many did witness, this season has not been close
> to last two in any sense. Anyway, believe there is a

> sign of improvement this last week, even if we did 

> suffer from aurora here at 63 deg north. 10 US stns

> in the log this morning. East coast to mid west. And

> still there was an ongoing solar eruption... Lets 

> hope for some good condx in CQ160!


> 73/Lars, SM3BDZ


I'm looking forward to seeing how being on the cyclic downturn
of conditions affects conditions and results at PJ2T.


With trans-Atlantic openings weaker and shorter, will more
stations in NA and Europe listen more often to the South, or
will there simple be fewer stations overall staying awake to
participate in the contest?


Topband conditions in Curacao were noticeably worse in CQWW
160 this year, both to Europe and to the US West Coast. 


73,  Jeff  K8ND

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