Topband: TB recovery?

Russ Tobolic erusst at
Tue Jan 18 08:38:20 PST 2011

This morning at 1300Z just 10 minutes before my SR I turned on the rig and found 
JA8ISU calling CQ.  I thought that I would give him a try but not sure if he 
would hear my measly 100W.  So, I tried to call and OH OH! the SWR had jumped up 
to 3.99 on my "T".  We had a coating of ice here this morning in western MI so 
that probably messed up the TX antenna SWR.  So I switched over to my inv V at 
60' and gave him a call.  He came back on the first call with a 559.

So..... the reports of the death of 160M are somewhat premature.



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