Topband: Tracking RFI; was 160 Meter RFI - found another ham with nearly

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You may find this interesting; 

 This web-page tells some 20 stories of how he tracked down RFI sources, 
concentrating on the practicalities, rather than the technical aspects.
Format is easy-to-read and includes some links to photos, video and audio clips.

He also has a good number of Beverages for his use on TB.

 Best 73 

Robert F5VHN (Op-F6KCP) G0HGW 


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Hi Bob,

W2GPS are not hearing the same RFI source, we are hearing two RFI sources with 
nearly identical characteristics.  I have successfully identified the source of 
my RFI.  W2GPS isn't very concerned about his because he has no 16o meter 

The next task is to correct my RFI problem, thats going to be a long row to 
hoe...  Thankfully I have eight Beverage antennas that provide sufficient 
directivity that minimize but do not completely eliminate the problem in every 
direction except SE  The amazing thing is that my RFI source is one mile away.




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