Topband: noise

Pete Parisetti hb9dsu at
Thu Jan 20 08:17:51 PST 2011

Hi TopBanders,

I would like to ask the experts' advice to help me identifying what yould
possibly be the cause of this noise, that has been plagueing me for quite
some time:

The noise, thankfully, is not there all the time. Although I cannot tell
that with certainty, I have a strong feeling that its appearance
is associated with closed bands conditions - when the bands are open it is
generally never there. This suspected association with propagation
conditions make me think that the noise is not generated locally, but at a
certain distance, and that it is transported here because of some short-skip
enhancement. Am I talking nonsense?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom.

Pete Parisetti MM0TWX - HB9DSU
visit my website "For the love of DX"

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