Topband: [yc0low at YE1C]

Tree tree at
Wed Jan 26 20:34:19 PST 2011


I and the team members will be QRV in a day before the CQ-160m CW contest,
Friday 28 February 2011, starting 1117z (local sun rise) using our home
calls: YC0LOW/1, YB1CCF, YC1KAF, YB1NWP etc. QRG is 1822.5 kHz +/-

Having found some errors we made a week before, our final test in last
Sunday gave the team lots of thrills and enjoyments to receive DX stations
with 4-sq rx array from Hi-Z, especially signals from US-land, although it
was not an easy task during our SS where tropical static and D-layer were
still dominant. But, it worked FB.

We will be using it as YE1C main rx antenna in the contest.

Tnx es 73 de Jo, YC0LOW

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