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Wed Jan 26 22:15:49 PST 2011


I will be qrv during CQ 160 contest with 500 watts and inverted L.

I will be QRV not all the night but almost around 0900Z to 0100Z for east coast SR.
I still need AR, CT, KY, LA, MD, MS, NH, PA, RI, SC, SD for 160 WAS on LoTW.

Remember that our band plan in FO starts at 1830.0.
Pse before sending CQ, listen the frequency, my sigs are not big.
I had to QSY a lot of time during last 160 contest due to new CQ on my frequency.

For JA, I don't really know how to do because my QSX freq into JA band plan will be busy by Japanese stations.
I will try to do it but it will be more difficult to keep the frequency clear.

Anyway, this is for fun and the main goal is to give you FO on 160 (and to add new states for my 160 WAS !!!)

Hope to hear you this week end.

For Europe, I am very sorry but I try since 1 year to QSO Europe without contact.

Best 73 from Tahiti and sorry for my poor english if you can find faults

FO8Rz Phil

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