Topband: Short beverage update

Chuck Chandler chandlerusm at
Thu Jan 27 06:42:07 PST 2011

So far I have received many responses telling me that a short beverage...
250 to 350 feet... is in fact worth the effort.  Digging around in the junk
box has turned up a K9AY 9:1 transformer from my first K9AY loop effort,
along with two parallel resistors that measure out to 500 ohms, also from
the same project.  They were out there for a few years without lightning
damage, so I guess they are usable.  I still have to dig around the shed, I
think there is a partial roll of wire in there that might do, and I have to
go get some electric fence posts that are made to drive into the ground, and
some pvc pipe to slip over them.

I am going to get some RG-6 to feed it, though the transformer I have uses
pl-259 connectors.  There's an adapter for that somewhere I remember

I'll report more as there is more progress.  Possible it may go up (along?)
this weekend.

Thanks for all the advice!

de WS1L

Chuck Chandler
chandlerusm at

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