Topband: 160 meter QRP transceiver

James Rodenkirch rodenkirch_llc at
Sat May 14 12:54:06 PDT 2011

I received several replies mentioning/suggesting the 817, K2, yadda, yadda...guess I should have been more specific...I'm looking for a 160 meter QRP transceiver, nothing more, nothing less.  I already own top notch QRP rigs (ATS-4 and ATS-3B) but there is no 160 meter module available for either rigs.

There was one reply mentioning the Sierra which I have looked at but...looking for other options.  Can be a separate xmtr and rcvr (as mentioned below, using the Ten Tec 1056 receiver) but I'm not finding much in the way of a 160 meter transmitter.

Sorry for any confusion in my original e-mail.  Regards, Jim Rodenkirch, K9JWV


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> Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 09:14:35 -0600
> Subject: Topband: 160 meter QRP transceiver
> I'm still lookin' for that 160 meter QRP transceiver that outputs 
> something close to 5 watts with an adequate to good receiver front end/.
> I
>  see the Wilderness Sierra - can purchase the basic Sierra with the 160 
> meter band module for $245.00 but that's about all I can find.
> I've been googling this subject on and off for months with little else, besides the Sierra, to show for that "digging."
> I
>  did find a 160 meter transmitter at K0KP's web site but it outputs 
> about 1 watt so I'd need to go find a small amp plus a receiver.  
> I
>  wouldn't mind a separate xmtr and receiver IF the xmtr outputs the 5 
> watts.....I see there is a Ten Tec 1056 receiver but not certain if they
>  are selling that kit today and I don't know how sensitive it is (anyone
>  with info on that receiver please pass that on to me).
> Thoughts, suggestions or escape plans appreciated - e-mailing me direct is appreciated!
> Regards, Jim Rodenkirch, K9JWV 		 	   		  
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