Topband: Outing The Scofflaws...but check UR radio

Missouri Guy n0tt1 at
Tue Nov 13 19:44:42 EST 2012

> I can only figure one possible how someone is exactly on PTOS Fx and 
> repeated keep calling directly on the DX Transmit frequency and that 
> is that they have their radio set split and then reversed it while 
> still listening to both frequencies simultaneously. This way they 
> would hear the DX call but not know they were actually transmitting 
> on the calling frequency.
Some radios, like the IC775, have a nasty surprise 
when the radio is operated in the split mode.  As I
remember it, when the "receive" VFO is set on the DX freq,
it supposed to be turned off/attenuated while transmitting.  
True, it's down about 50db.  The surprise is when the attenuated
signal is run through a KW amp along with the "normal" TX
freq.  There's enough signal transmitted on the DX station's freq
to easily cause QRM!!  It gets worse when on say, 10m.
Charlie, N0TT

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