Topband: Ground Screens - Another Small Space Option

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Tue Sep 25 14:02:34 EDT 2012

Rob Sherwood was once a strong advocate of chicken wire and has run many tests. Perhaps he might chime in here with some comments.
Howard  K2HK

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> I got the idea of the mesh at work from a Tech Class engineer but dont 
> remember him referencing HRM. This was in the mid 80's and I was complaining 
> about the poor performance of a shunt fed 100' tower with 10/15/20 4el yagis 
> for top loading and 60 radials of 60-130' or so.
> Since chicken wire is only twisted, thin, and very cheap, I decided its 
> utility would be very short lived and went with the 2X4" rabbit wire which 
> is welded, hot dip galvanized and plastic coated. Quite expensive (no China 
> brands) but I found 5 4x50' reels in the next town in the local "Want 
> Advertiser" that had been used less than a year and was a fraction the cost.
> When I moved here it came with me and its been rolled up in the woods since 
> 1989, still looking fine. I went with elevated radials instead for the 2 
> element 1/4 waves.
> Carl
> KM1H


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