Topband: Silver solder

Mike Waters mikewate at
Thu Jan 1 20:52:09 EST 2015

The silver solder I have here does have a high silver content, yes. :-)
It also contains cadmium, which shouldn't be used indoors because the fumes
are toxic.
It's 1/16" diameter round wire. When it's gone, I'll probably replace it
with a cad-free alloy.

I mostly heat the work (that is, the junction of ground radials, wire, and
ground rod), and let that melt the solder. Applying a flame to the solder
itself is an exercise in frustration. You're not doing that, are you?

73, Mike

On Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 4:37 PM, Paul Christensen <w9ac at> wrote:

>   > “If you had trouble with an oxyacetylene torch, then I'll bet you
> used "silver-bearing" (tin-copper-silver) solder, which melts at well under
> 700 degrees.
>  These are mid-level silver sticks with 15% silver + copper/phosphor and
> have a working temperature of 1200-1400 degs. F – but not the 2-5% silver
> bearing variety with a lower melting point.  You are probably using a much
> higher silver content if working with OxyAcet.
>  Using OxyAcet on the 15% bars can quickly result in boiling and
> vaporizing of the solder with damage done to the copper, especially to a
> copper strap.  With 15% bars, Acetylene/air works fine even with a high
> amount of heat-sinking.  I have not yet tried MAPP gas.
>  Paul, W9AC

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