Topband: South Sandwich previous activity

Bill Tippett btippett at
Sun Jan 24 16:27:19 EST 2016

My memory slipped on KJ9I's name (Dave not Bob) but I did remember the
details correctly:

2016-01-21 11:56:43Z   *W4ZV* Bill   Dave to my knowledge this is the first
VP8/SSI that has worked any NA at all.

2016-01-21 11:57:04Z   *K1QX* Craig (RG)   Really Bill?

2016-01-21 11:57:15Z   *KJ9I* Dave   yes Bill.. that's correct

2016-01-21 11:57:56Z   *W4ZV* Bill   You didn't from VP8SSI (did you),
VP8THU didn't (microlite) and I doubt any others did.

2016-01-21 11:58:34Z   *KJ9I* Dave   Bill, I worked a couple SA, all I
could get to with the damaged antenna I was using

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