Topband: H40GC

Gary Smith Gary at
Tue Oct 17 07:56:34 EDT 2017

I've been getting up to try for them but 
they've been showing up later than I 
expected, after sunrise and as things 
worked out, I kept missing them. 

Heard them this morning and clearly, but 
they sounded like they went to KA1O & I'm 
KA1J. So I called again and QSB, couldn't 
hear a thing. Some helpful guy sent J 
which I think was a help to me but I can't 
log it unless I'm 100% sure I hear my call 
confirmed, so pass. I tried a few minutes 
later & I believe they came back again but 
AMTRAK nailed me with a passing High speed 
train right exactly as they came back, 
nothing to hear but arcing in the receiver 
for another 30 seconds, then less than a 
minute later another train went by and 
arcing again.

I hate to keep calling and have them think 
I'm not capable of hearing them but one 
more try and this time no QSB & no AMTRAK 
& I made it. 3C0L last night and H40GC 
this morning, two ATNO on Top Band.

I hate to go through the hassle of moving 
and I'm in a beautiful place, right on the 
ocean, but each Gray line comes right at 
the commuter rush hour and trains pass by 
every 5 minutes or so. Kills me with DX 
and costs me points in every contest with 
160 & 80 in it. Connecticut's too 
expensive to live in anyway, especially 
right here in a Tourist Trap location, so 
I need to better my QTH...

But for the moment, two new ones on TB in 
the log. :)



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