Topband: Hygain 18HT feed question

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Hello Frank!

Congrats on the Hygain 18HT HyTower.

I have three suggestions:
1. top-load it with wires or a yagi or a pipe to extend it's electrical length if you will be using it on 160 or 80 meters.
2. Unless you have a tube type rig, suggest you use 50 ohm coax, that way you only need to match at one end of the coax.
3. Put radials under it to reduce ground losses.

Yes, a tuner at the feed point is preferable to one in the house.


Lloyd - N9LB

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I cross posted this in he QRP but then it dawned on me you folks may have a better insight to this question.

I finally snagged my dream antenna, a Hygain 18HT!
Yes after almost 50 years…

So here is the question….

Should I feed the base with:
-75-ohm coaxial cable (I can get some of that easily to bury about 100’ from the house?
-use an auto-tuner at the base or feed it like they say and feed it with 50-ohm also 100’ from the house.


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