Topband: CATV RG6 with messinger wire for support

Brian Pease bpease2 at
Tue Jan 9 22:19:05 EST 2018

I have a 1000 ft bi-directional beverage that is built with RG-6 with 
steel messenger wire.  The wire seems to have no electrical effect but 
makes the beverage really strong.  A transformer at the far end puts the 
reverse-direction signal between the center conductor and shield.  2 
feedlines are used, each with a transformer.  I just copied a design 
that is out there.

On 1/9/2018 10:06 PM, terry burge wrote:
> Hello Guys,
> I have been give a bunch of CATV RG-6 coax like the cable company uses. I would like to know if the coax with a solid support (messenger) wire will work alright for building beverages? It almost looks like it could be use for building a bi-directional beverage utilizing the coax shield for one direction and the insulated support wire for the opposite direction. Anyone have some experience with this? I have also thought of trying in as a BOG beverage.
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