Topband: Pirate on 1.813

Ralph Parker ve7xf at
Wed Jan 10 20:58:07 EST 2018

I live in Comox, on mid-Vancouver Island in BC, in CN79.
Last evening, about 0530z, while waiting for some DX to be loud enough 
to hear at my QTH, I noticed a HUGE carrier appear at about 1.820 on the 
P3 (spectral display). Seemed to be a local tuning tuning up. Unusual, 
as I'm the only one on 160 around here these days. When he finished, I 
sent a 5NN, but got no response.

A few minutes later, the huge signal appeared again, this time at 1.813, 
playing 'popular' music on LSB. My first suspicion was that it was DQRM 
by some local looking for attention. It would be on for a while, off for 
a while. I QSYed up to a discussion group (mostly in the Seattle area) 
and asked them to listen. Most stations, from Portland OR north through 
Seattle WA and mid-BC, all reported that the signal was S9+20 (ish). No 
one could provide directional info. Suddenly QRT at 06:00z.

Much speculation as to what/who it was. The fact that it was so strong 
over such a large area led me to think that it was from a commercial 
station (big transmitter, big antenna) tuning up. It returned sometime 
after 06:00z, and continued (intermittently) until after 08:40z, at 
which time it was broadcasting an interview with an astronaut, still on LSB.

The above group will listen again tonight, hopefully with directional 
antennas to give us a clue as to location.
Just a thought - Does Tree have a new superstation?


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