Topband: WireSpear antenna for topbands

Eugene Popov /RA0FF/ ra0ff at
Thu Jan 11 19:49:23 EST 2018

Hi guys!  Happy New Year!

Since the fall of 2017 I have been experimenting with a new type of antenna, which I called WireSpear (WS). 
The author of the idea is Alex UA4WI.
Autumn 2017 I made the WS for 80m.  The height of my tower allowed to make it as Alex UA4WI planned - the antenna has two directions of radiation from the azimuth of the antenna wire.  I have on the 80m now two areas: Europe and North America, good repression back. 
This really works much better than my 1/4 vertical.  Making an antenna is very simple.
On my page   has a description of how I did it, unfortunately, it's in Russian text in PDF-file, but there are a lot of photos and pictures.

In the beginning of January 2018 I finished building my WS antenna for 160m.
For 160m I lacked the height of the suspension, so the antenna has one direction to North America. 
I already had several connections with K1/K2/K3, NP2J, with which I last worked in 2010, when the CONDX was better.
Really now on WS  the station from America, they understand me much better than at the GP, and European stations do not hear.
Information about the WS-160 I have so far placed only in the Twitter page  
I continue to experiment with the antenna. So far this is not the final version.

The main point that I want to note.

Antenna WS - a good option for urban conditions, it can be done between two high-rise buildings.  The higher, the better.
Our guys from 4U1A made such an antenna for 40m band and hung it on the building 100mh and another building 80 m high.  Their results are impressive!
There is another enthusiast Sergey R8TT, who is actively experimenting with antennas of the type of WS for 20m, for 40m, for 80m bands.
I hope the information will be useful and useful to someone.
                                                ....................................I apologize for my disgusting English. :))

I wish you success and see you again!

73! de Eugene RA0FF

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