Topband: VU2GSM webSDR use

Mark van Wijk pa5mw at
Mon Jan 15 05:09:36 EST 2018

Hi Manoj.

Much appreciate your (RX antenna) efforts !

Don't worry too much about the typical negative comments, especially those on

Today's world is too much about "instant gratification at no personal effort". 
And self-declared know-it-all personalities :)

If I cannot work you on Top-Band then it is my  is my goal to slowly learn and
become better, analyze my efforts&results, built, test antennas and such.

In the meantime we can chat somewhere about our efforts and share learnings

That is what this wonderful hobby is about.

Maybe I work you this season, maybe the next, maybe in 10yrs from now. That's
all fine and we have something to look forward to :)

Good luck and enjoy !

73 Mark, PA5MW

> Op 15 januari 2018 om 6:22 schreef Manoj Ramawarrier <vu2cpl at>:
> Hello,
> I am a newbie on TB and started working here only from 02 Dec 2017. I have so
> far 632 QSOs 58 DXCC entities worked and 52 confirmed on lotw. 
> Each of these QSOs, were hard, but I can proudly say I heard and worked all on
> my TX/RX.
> I have been seeing the discussion on this topic and is equally dismayed and
> pained at the comments and conclusions implying all VU’s might be doing this. 
> Please don’t generalise that all VUs and 4S7s. I understand VU is rare on TB
> and have been getting a lot of email requests and some of them - US5WE and
> K4PI had to really sweat it out for almost 2 weeks. 
> If websdr was the option, we would have done it on first day itself.
> There were complaints on ON4KST chat room that I don’t hear well. Fine, I went
> ahead and installed a 350 ft Beverage and I started hearing much better in
> NNW/SSE direction. Now next is an E/W Beverage.
> If any of you want a QSO on any band/mode please feel free to contact. I use
> lotw and will be happy to confirm your qso immediately.
> HNY & 73
> Manoj VU2CPL
> _________________
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