Topband: WebSDR Cheating

Roger Kennedy roger at
Mon Jan 15 18:40:13 EST 2018

Quite apart from the absurdity of working a DX station who is using a Web
SDR near your location to receive you . . .

Personally I think that even using a Web SDR within a hundred miles or so of
your station is still "cheating", in that it's not YOUR Receiver or Antenna

Even after nearly 50 years on the band, I still get a buzz out of working DX
on 160m - and by DX, I don't mean some rare island . . . I mean ANY station
over a couple of thousand miles away.  My signal is getting to him from my
antenna . . . and I am receiving him on MY receiving setup.  (which IS in a
city, and not on some huge estate!)

I have never bothered applying for any paper awards (despite working all
over the world and well over 200 countries on Top Band). . . so I don't care
about their Rules . . . what gives me the satisfaction is knowing what I
have achieved personally, given my ordinary resources.

Ironically . . . when I'm working 160m mobile from my car, there's a
particular local who has trouble receiving me once I'm over 20 miles away
from him, due to his high noise level.  So he then receivers me via a Web
SDR that is about 200 miles away !!

Roger G3YRO

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