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Mon Jan 15 19:28:04 EST 2018

With apologies to Tree, who has asked that this subject be dropped...

The question of the effect of a remote receiver or receivers has
already been dealt with by some contest organizers needing clarity and
consistency using current actual technical possibilities while
retaining the flavor and character of a contest. Probably the best
(IMHO) adjustment on remotes is that from Tree and Lew and the
inimitable BARC in the Stew Perry TBDC.

The first part of their answer simply says remote RX *and* TX is fine,
and is treated like a very long electronic line from key and headset
to the station wherever it is. Grid square and possible required
xxn/callsign signing are from the remote location, which is the point
of record for scoring, standing, awards, etc.

The second part is that using a local TX the receiver(s) may be
*entirely* co-located with the TX, or the RX facility may be
*entirely* sited at a single location 75 km or less from the TX
location. Using this provision, listening on the TX antenna is not
permitted during the contest. Although the rule uses the word
"receiver" in the singular, in their mind it does not preclude use of
a remote diversity RX, eg, K3 equipped with phase-locked diversity

Please remember that "cheating" with respect to ARRL DXCC has to do
with *ARRL* rules for same. Arguably some DXCC rules are so lax as to
be meaningless, but they are the ARRL's rules. It has nothing to do
with our being irritated or angered by someone who using modern
technical extensions claims the same status as ourselves when we have
gotten those numbers the HARD way, digging out countries through the
urban noise never heard up on those mountain or off-continent remotes.

In the end someone whose status self-image depends on what others do
is inevitably doomed to anger. There will always, always be a cheat
among us somewhere. If we must compare, compare ourselves only to the
most noble examples. Or better yet BE that most noble example, knowing
God knows even if no one else does, and sleep well at night.

73, Guy K2AV

On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 2:32 PM, Steve Daniel <nn4t at> wrote:
> John, is the use of a remote receiver not allowed for DXCC? I don’t believe it is prohibited. I ask because your use of the word “cheating” suggests that it is. Is that what you are saying? Steve Daniel NN4T
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>> On Jan 15, 2018, at 12:31 PM, John Randall via Topband <topband at> wrote:
>> Although I have never chased awards, I too am shocked at how easy it has become for those so inclined to cheat the system, but not only the system ,but themselves as well. Ofcourse not everyone will cheat but perhaps what we should be discussing is how to detect those who do cheat. Perhaps a DIY written document on how to to do this and what to look out for. This would be of tremendous help for the new comers to the hobby and also us old fogeys who have been around for a long time.Technology is a blessing and also a curse. Perhaps one way to try and get back some control is force all websdr's to enforce a full amateur call sign to its subscribers and then to make the dbases available for scrutinity sothat the logs can be compared to say the DXCC mechanisms. This is just a thought and worth chewing over or other methods used.
>> Talking of which, has anyone noticed that the imfamous amaeteur in Spain has been absent on the bands incl topband.
>> 73John - M0ELS
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