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And if all stations would be be obliged to feed their transmit and receive
audio online and in realtime to a homepage you don´t have that RFI problems

73, Peter

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Read:  Section I. Basic Rules, #9 ...

9.  Station Location and Boundary:
a) All stations used to make contacts for a specific DXCC award must be
located within the same DXCC entity.
b) All transmitters and receivers comprising a station used for a specific
contact must be located within a 500-meter diameter circle.
c) QSOs made with legally licensed, remotely controlled stations are allowed
to be used for DXCC credit.

The "500-meter diameter circle" rule seems odd because I can hop on a plane
and work Bouvet from Florida for DXCC credit, or remote into a station in
San Diego to work Ducie Island for DXCC credit, but can’t separate my
Wisconsin transmitter and receiver by more than 500 meters.

I think "b)" needs to be deleted, especially in light of the wide scope of
"a)" and "c)".  The noise floor in most cities has increased so much that
hearing DX is becoming impossible for the city/suburban dweller.  A shared
rural SDR Receiver located with-in the same state, or alternately within 100
KM, would seems to be a reasonable and practical solution to the RX RFI
noise problem.  It would also make a great local club project if legalized
by ARRL.


Lloyd - N9LB

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John, is the use of a remote receiver not allowed for DXCC? I don’t believe
it is prohibited. I ask because your use of the word “cheating” suggests
that it is. Is that what you are saying? Steve Daniel NN4T

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