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Yes, there are several hundred sdr receivers online and reachable via the

And when EA3JE takes over the dx portion of 80m with his wide signal and
illegal power he doesn´t even bother to listen that loud to the websdr he is
using, that from time time his vox is responding to it and you hear it via
his transmissions as well.


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Well I guess I had to find out what all the fuss was about so I went on line
and tried some of these European webSDR's. Just worked OK2RZ and YT1AA. Also
heard I5ZSS. Using the SDR it's like shooting fish in the barrel. At least
when you plug into the right SDR over there. They are not going in my log
but I did find out it is easy to do. And I believe it would get so easy the
fascination with working the world would be gone for me. It works but the
most of what I got out of it was how strong the Europeans were 'over there'
and how poor my reception was here in Oregon. Like nil!

So much for that. But before you think there are only a few of those
webSDR's, take another think on that. There apparently are dozens, maybe
hundreds. Don't think they will care what a few of us old Ham Radio geeks



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