Topband: sdrWEB not going in my log

Peter Sundberg sm2cew at
Tue Jan 16 03:09:23 EST 2018


- Station A in North America is calling CQ on 1827.0 and is heard by 
Station B in Europe via a webSDR located 50 km away from Station A in 
North America.

- Station B in Europe is calling Station A - who is listening via a 
webSDR in Europe located 50 km away from Station B

- Both stations exchange 599+ reports and greetings for a fine QSO.

Wow, their signal made it 50 km via the airwaves at both ends and was 
then "carried" across the world via the Internet.

What a wonderful Top Band QSO, carried out "the modern way", 
embracing new technology.


Peter SM2CEW

At 06:44 2018-01-16, terry burge wrote:
>Well I guess I had to find out what all the fuss was about so I went 
>on line and tried some of these European webSDR's. Just worked OK2RZ 
>and YT1AA. Also heard I5ZSS. Using the SDR it's like shooting fish 
>in the barrel. At least when you plug into the right SDR over there. 
>They are not going in my log but I did find out it is easy to do. 
>And I believe it would get so easy the fascination with working the 
>world would be gone for me. It works but the most of what I got out 
>of it was how strong the Europeans were 'over there' and how poor my 
>reception was here in Oregon. Like nil!
>So much for that. But before you think there are only a few of those 
>webSDR's, take another think on that. There apparently are dozens, 
>maybe hundreds. Don't think they will care what a few of us old Ham 
>Radio geeks think.
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