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terry burge ki7m at
Tue Jan 16 13:18:12 EST 2018

Hi Nick and the group,

Nick, I was running a KW to my inv-V at 100'. Far as I know they don't use SDR's. It was an interesting experiment and later around 08:00Z I did manage to work G4AMN, EI6S and G4PEL direct. It amazed me how strong some of the stations were in Europe and how hard they were to hear on the west coast. But of course that is the problem with working Europe from Oregon. They were loud like we hear the W6's, W7's, etc. I did hear OK2,OE3,DL,YT1AA and others that would be new countries for me on 80, not to mention 160 meters of course. But I'm just too stuck in my ways I guess to change. 

Do you suppose the last T-Rex to die wished he was a ground squirrel?

This morning I got up and smiled that I did not put the contacts in my log that required the SDR. That's my way of staying true to what I feel my DXCC should be done. I'm not really that big on wall paper as some refer to it, but after having spent 40 years chasing DX on ham radio and before that BCB and SWL, I feel some pride in those DXCC's on my wall. Same way with some of the contest ones.

DXCC is what you make it. I just hope the commercial interest at the ARRL don't ruin it. Ever try to find technical articles on their webpage. I don't think you can anymore without buying their DVD's or some other way of getting more money.

> On January 16, 2018 at 7:17 AM Nick Hall-Patch <nhp at> wrote:
> Did the Europeans hear your barefoot transmission, but you were not 
> able to hear their barefoot transmission Terry?   Or were you both 
> using webSDRs in each others' localities?
> (and was this on 160m?)
> Thanks.
> Nick
> At 06:44 2018-01-16, terry burge wrote:
> >Well I guess I had to find out what all the fuss was about so I went 
> >on line and tried some of these European webSDR's. Just worked OK2RZ 
> >and YT1AA. Also heard I5ZSS. Using the SDR it's like shooting fish 
> >in the barrel. At least when you plug into the right SDR over there. 
> >They are not going in my log but I did find out it is easy to do. 
> >And I believe it would get so easy the fascination with working the 
> >world would be gone for me. It works but the most of what I got out 
> >of it was how strong the Europeans were 'over there' and how poor my 
> >reception was here in Oregon. Like nil!
> >
> >
> >So much for that. But before you think there are only a few of those 
> >webSDR's, take another think on that. There apparently are dozens, 
> >maybe hundreds. Don't think they will care what a few of us old Ham 
> >Radio geeks think.
> >
> >
> >Terry
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