Topband: sdrWEB not going in my log

Kostas SV1DPI sv1dpi at
Wed Jan 17 03:48:04 EST 2018

terry burge wrote:
> It was an interesting experiment and later around 08:00Z I did manage to work G4AMN, EI6S and G4PEL direct
You have lost the most important point about webSDRs:
Terry says that he worked 3 guys direct and 3 guys via webSDR. He didn't 
logged the last 3. Well done. But he logged the first 3,the guys he 
worked direct. But how does he know that they were listening him direct? 
And if these guys were listening him via a webSDR in West Coast? Is this 
QSO ok? Or this is the same with his webSDR QSO?
This is the main problem and we need to understand it. It is not enough 
to be honest myself but the others must do the same also... A right QSO 
needs 2 stations...
73 Kostas SV1DPI

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