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Subject: Re: Topband: sdrWEB not going in my log

<Hi gary,

<I thought that was the rule.? But I've not dug into it because I don't 
use the remotes.? So just now I looked and you are 100% right.? Here's 
what the ARRL web page says from Section 1...

*9.? Station Location and Boundary:*

*a)*All stations used to make contacts for a specific DXCC award must be 
located within the same DXCC entity.
*b)*All transmitters and receivers comprising a station used for a 
specific contact must be located within a 500-meter diameter circle.
*c)*QSOs made with legally licensed, remotely controlled stations are 
allowed to be used for DXCC credit.

Thanks for setting me straight!


###  You forgot the part where it states the RX  + TX ants have to be connected to the
station via coax, open wire line  etc, etc.   So the fellow who posted earlier with his 
RX ant located just 250m away from his station... on a neighbours farm land... via a 5 ghz link
is outa luck, not allowed.   Ok, what happens if the RX ant is on your neighbours land,  AND
connected with  wires, coax, open wire line etc ?   Does the 500 meter  rule mean for your own
property, or does it mean you can....  install the RX  /  TX  onto ur neighbours property ?

##  and  how   about folks who exceed the 500 meter diam circle ?    Seems to me there are several
folks who have ants strewn  way past the 500 meter circle rule.  W8JI if I recall has  tx + rx ants
spread out a lot further than that.   A  1100 ft  beverage way off to one side form the station...
and a TX  array, way off to the opposite side would easily exceed the  500 meter rule. 

##  dunno if this is all semantics or not. 

Jim   VE7RF 

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