Topband: Bury beverage wire?

Martin dm4im at
Wed Jan 17 11:10:04 EST 2018

Thanks to all.
I had a few direct responses to my inquiry.
I should haver better described the situation by expressing that it is 
not a driveway, but rather an opening in a fence separating 2 lawns. I 
just had no words for it in english.

One guy came up with the idea to thread the wire through tennisballs and 
bury it in a conduit, so no portion of the wire would touch ground or 
the conduit.

This seems like a good idea, but isn't just burying coaxcable , leaving 
the shield open and only use the center conductor about the same, 
without a bunch of unknown parameters?

Another suggestion was to bury coax and start the antenna after the 
opening. Excellent, but last resort, because this would only allow a 
180m long antenna. Still better than no antenna and better than most 
hams can do.

W3LPL came up with what i think is the best idea:
Bury coax with high VF and put transformers on both ends.
This leads to another question:
What ratio do i wind the transformers? 1:9 at the feedpiont, 9:1 at the 
beginning of the coax, 1:9 at it's end where the wire continues? Or do i 
measure the impedances to calculate a ratio?
Do i put in a ground rod at each end of the coax to connect the 
Do i connect both sides of the transformers to ground?

If i get this to work, i have a 230m-235m long antenna with 5m of it 
under ground.

Any input?


Ohne CW ist es nur CB..

73, Martin DM4iM

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