Topband: Kostas' point

Wed Jan 17 15:07:04 EST 2018

As the use of –undeclared- remote receivers increases, it will be (probably 
already IS) IMPOSSIBLE to be sure that our QSO’s meet all the “Rules” of the 
ARRL. Remember, except for the specific purposes of awards and contests, one 
should not care at all how the other station receives his signals.
The ONLY positive solution I see is for the ARRL to rewrite Section 9 of the 
DXCC rules—right now totally remote stations (Rx+Tx) are OK but split Rx and 
Tx more than 500 meters apart are NOT...does this make sense ? If a totally 
separate STATION 3000 mi away is OK, why can’t one use just the Rx feature 
of the remote station and transmit from home ?? ARRL needs to drop the 500 
meter rule as it makes no sense and limits the expansion of new technology.
There is precedence for this – back in the “old days” – remote stations were 
not permitted and there was a limit as to how far you could move inside a 
country to work new countries for DXCC. Times and technology change..and the 
“rules” need to change with them IMHO.
   73 jay NY2NY 

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