Topband: Kostas' point

John Randall m0els at
Wed Jan 17 14:32:30 EST 2018

Yes, this is part of the issue we all face with the vaidation of QSO's and its not going to go away either. As more and more people realize whats happening, they are going to question their qso's. At the moment there is perhaps only one way to test the qso, and that is to see if other stations from the same area  are also coming in a approx the same level as the station you worked. Even this may not be fool proof for those who chase "the paper trail". Cooperation is going to be needed from all SDR party's to try and sort it all out. A possible solution if to use an identification system on the designated sdr websites, which will prove a qso via that particular method. But this too takes two to tango and people working together, otherwise the award system may collapse into a meaningless pile on the floor.
As newer technology appears, things may get even worse for those concerned.Talking about this may bring it into the open via various magazines and amateur radio society's.Watch this space...hi
73John - M0ELS

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