Topband: Choke?

Mike Waters mikewate at
Wed Jan 17 18:01:25 EST 2018


If a choke at your shack makes *any* difference, then you need a better
choke at the base of your inverted-L.

73, Mike

On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 11:16 AM, Radio KH6O <radio.kh6o at> wrote:

> I'll be erecting a 95-foot Inverted-L antenna. At the shack end of the
> antenna, right before the insulator, I'll need to wrap the wire around
> itself a few times so that it doesn't slip through the insulator. Because
> the wire itself is insulated, is there any negative affect, such as a
> choking action that might take place?
> 73, Jeff KH6O

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