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Wed Jan 17 16:43:27 EST 2018

Jeff, Et. Al.,

Rather than wrap the wire around the insulator opening or itself, how
about a "split bolt" wire clamp with the saddle on the tension side?  A
good "mechanical knot".  I can take photo of one if needed.  Here is a
website link:

There is a larger one on the same "elecdirect dot com" page on the
internet as well.

GL & 73,  George,  K8GG

> I'll be erecting a 95-foot Inverted-L antenna. At the shack end of the
> antenna, right before the insulator, I'll need to wrap the wire around
> itself a few times so that it doesn't slip through the insulator. Because
> the wire itself is insulated, is there any negative affect, such as a
> choking action that might take place?
> 73, Jeff KH6O
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