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Jeff Blaine KeepWalking188 at
Thu Jan 18 10:00:53 EST 2018

Another fellow pressed me on this.   What I should have said - that 
perhaps is more clear - goes like this.

1. Worry about your own operation --> because you can control it.

2. No point to worry about the other guy --> because you almost 
certainly have no control over it.

3. Point #2 does not in any way detract from what your personal views 
are.  Point #2 is NOT saying anything about the "rightness" of any ham 
operation practice.

If the guy asked me "can i use my web sdr to hear you better?" - Sure, 
I'm going to say "let's do it the old school way."  But they don't 
ask...  And I would be willing to bet they don't advertise either.  I'm 
just going to log the QSO and move on to the next contact.  Point #2 is 
is simply a reflection of my personal belief that time wasted worrying 
about things for which I have no ability to significantly influence is 
wasted time - and the clock is ticking for all of us.


On 18-Jan-18 7:46 PM, Dave Heil wrote:
> So this is sort of like Olympic doping or other amateur endeavors 
> where they keep score?
> Dave Heil K8MN
> On 18-Jan-18 05:38, Jeff Blaine wrote:
>> There is no real point of worrying about what the other guy is 
>> using.  We only can control our personal operation, and really have 
>> to leave the other end of the Q to manage theirs.
>> 73/jeff/ac0c
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