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Grant Saviers grants2 at
Thu Jan 18 11:51:16 EST 2018

Good comments.

Another perspective: If we consider DXCC a "people performance 
measurement system", then experience demonstrates some problems with 
those systems:

1. Some participants will invent clever ways to gain an advantage, 
exploit rule loopholes, or cheat.
2. The measurement will create negative unintended consequences to the 
desired output.
3. Many will complain it is unfair.
4. The measures will be repeatedly changed by the "boss".
5. The "exogenous variables" will corrupt the measurement.
6. there are more...


1. remote station Qs, etc.
2. extreme bad behavior in pile ups, QRMrs.
3. this thread.
4. how the rules have changed in 50 years.
5. measurements based primarily on political entities are unstable.

I do keep count and try for more confirmations, but know Honor Roll is 
unachievable due to location, age, and only at it in earnest for 5 
years.  Closing in on 300 confirmed, but a long way to go on 160 DXCC.

Some I know on Honor Roll have commented, "I wish I had your 
motivation".  What is personally important once there?  It is an 
impressive accomplishment.

Grant KZ1W

On 1/18/2018 7:00 AM, Jeff Blaine wrote:
> Another fellow pressed me on this.   What I should have said - that 
> perhaps is more clear - goes like this.
> 1. Worry about your own operation --> because you can control it.
> 2. No point to worry about the other guy --> because you almost 
> certainly have no control over it.
> 3. Point #2 does not in any way detract from what your personal views 
> are.  Point #2 is NOT saying anything about the "rightness" of any ham 
> operation practice.
> If the guy asked me "can i use my web sdr to hear you better?" - Sure, 
> I'm going to say "let's do it the old school way."  But they don't 
> ask...  And I would be willing to bet they don't advertise either.  
> I'm just going to log the QSO and move on to the next contact.  Point 
> #2 is is simply a reflection of my personal belief that time wasted 
> worrying about things for which I have no ability to significantly 
> influence is wasted time - and the clock is ticking for all of us.
> 73/jeff/ac0c
> alpha-charlie-zero-charlie
> On 18-Jan-18 7:46 PM, Dave Heil wrote:
>> So this is sort of like Olympic doping or other amateur endeavors 
>> where they keep score?
>> Dave Heil K8MN
>> On 18-Jan-18 05:38, Jeff Blaine wrote:
>>> There is no real point of worrying about what the other guy is 
>>> using.  We only can control our personal operation, and really have 
>>> to leave the other end of the Q to manage theirs.
>>> 73/jeff/ac0c
>>> alpha-charlie-zero-charlie
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