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Victor Goncharsky us5we at
Thu Jan 18 12:24:18 EST 2018

Last night they were weaker here in Eastern EU then the two previous days.
Have the country confirmed so didn't call.
Possibly future DX peditions will use the alternative RX antenna approach not to feed locals with cupper wires.
Fortunately, pingwins don't steal wires so hopefully the Bouvet beverages will be safe. 
>Четверг, 18 января 2018, 15:26 UTC от Mark K3MSB <mark.k3msb at>:
>Hi Steve
>I noticed the same thing.   The pileup was considerably wider,  but he
>typically stayed within the 1 to 2 KHz up slot.    I had my bandwidth set
>to 1.2 KHz when I switched to his RX frequency, and my VFO was on 23.66 and
>it didn’t move for me to hear most of the responders!
>NT2X spotted him at 0328Z with the comment “160M bev ant stolen by locals”
> I have no idea if that was tongue-in-cheek or true, but it was obvious
>they were having RX problems.
>They had a wonderful signal last night (received on my BOG), but after a
>while of one QSO every few minutes I got a cup of coffee and headed
>upstairs to watch some Star Trek Voyager on Netflix.     My consolation
>prize was working UK9AA for a “new one” on TB later in the evening (and man
>was he ever weak……).
>Hopefully things will improve tonight….   But I have 6.5 seasons of Voyager
>left in case they don’t…….
>73 Mark K3MSB
>On Jan 18, 2018 9:47 AM, "Steven R Daniel, D.D.S." < nn4t at > wrote:
>> I called unsuccessfully for quite some time. I noticed that, on the
>> stations
>> I could spot, he stayed within the range of 1-2 up. I did not spot anyone
>> higher than that. Just FYI. Steve, NN4T
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