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There are always lessons to be learned from previous expeditions.  if 160m 
is a band upon which the team wants to focus, then a high-rise building top 
QTH is obviously not a good choice.  That said, we must realize there are 
many factors involved in choosing the QTH (such as public awareness which 
appears to be a priority for this op).  They were clearly having extreme 
trouble hearing. . . even southern EU had a tough time getting through. 
That said, they hung in there and did not give up.  Interestingly enough, 
they were hearing better the first night.  Not sure what to attribute that 
to as no apparent lightning in the area last night.  In any case, I'm sure 
they are doing their very best with the situation presented.         73. . . 
Dave, W0FLS
P.S.  Spreading out their QSX window should help some (they control that).

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Last night they were weaker here in Eastern EU then the two previous days.
Have the country confirmed so didn't call.
Possibly future DX peditions will use the alternative RX antenna approach 
not to feed locals with cupper wires.
Fortunately, pingwins don't steal wires so hopefully the Bouvet beverages 
will be safe.
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