Topband: Mixed elevated and ground located radials?

Gary Smith Gary at
Sun Jan 28 15:08:36 EST 2018

Now that I have both a HI-Z circle 8 & a 
triangular array, along with the K3s, I 
can hear most stations coming in around 
here. About the only thing that will help 
me Rx wise at this time would be a better 
QTH more suited for Ham Radio than this 
RFI laden environment.

This last 160 contest made me realize my 
best option till I move is to try and get 
a lower angle on the Tx. I have maybe 45 
130' radials attached to the radial base 
and am using WD-1A wire for my antennas. 

The antennas are being fed by lengths of 
coax from the remote switch to each 
specific antenna. At the end of each coax 
I have about 12" of braid & center 
conductor separated with the braid to the 
plate and the center to the antenna. 
Crude, but it works and seems to be the 
best I can do here.

It's a challenge to get any more radials 
down at this time and because of the marsh 
behind me and the radial plate at the edge 
of the marsh, I can only put any new 
radials in a semi-circle. but I've been 
wondering if I could add elevated radials 
to what I have? the feed point is now only 
a foot above ground so any elevated radial 
would be above the feed point. What might 
I expect if I were to add say 3-4 elevated 
radials about 8' or so high? I'd have to 
run them that high to keep the deer from 
taking them down. If I made them brush 
high, they'd get snagged right away.

Would it be worth my effort? My mobility 
is reduced as of late.



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