Topband: 160m DX Activity Night

W7RH midnight18 at
Tue Jan 30 23:12:54 EST 2018

Roger, G3YRO has a valid point. 160m night time is always open 
somewhere, maybe not where we want it.

It is unfortunate that modern technology has created a whole class of 
folks in chat rooms pandering DX. The digital modes have tons of 
activity often more than what the little window can tolerate. The DX 
that was on CW last weekend was so refreshing to my 160 m spirit!

Unfortunately most can't be on every night. I listen at sunset and try 
to stay for several EU sunrise periods. On the other hand I can call CQ 
in the mornings and often do unanswered.

To be honest Roger I think I can only name a half dozen or so US 
stations that still actually call CQ. Gone are the likes of Stew Perry 
who would go down to the water tower and call CQ several nights a week 
working everybody and anybody.

As far as Wednesdays go it is worth a try. You can't work them if you 
don't hear them!

de Bob, W7RH


It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

Albert Einstein

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