Falling tower question

Scott Neader neader@QTH.com
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 20:21:12 -0500

>>       If I should ever lose a top guy wire or its anchor, should I expect
>>to have the tower collapse instead of bending?

>      Interesting question.  According to the information that I've seen, a
>guyed tower will fall typically within a circle around its base approximately
>30% of its height.  It doesn't "fall over" because it is constrained, or
>tethered, by the remaining guy wires.  Talk about a pile of scrap...
>    BTW, this probably shoots the heck out of tower building set-back

So, what happens to a self-supporting tower when it decides to fall?  Does
it typically stay within that 30% of height... or will my future tower hit
my neighbor's house?   (just planning my answers when the neighbors start
asking once I do choose a tower and put it up)

- Scott KA9FOX

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