M2 40m beam

James R. Hill 0006429120@mcimail.com
Wed, 16 Oct 96 11:35 EST

Today is the first "windy" day of the fall here in central Calif.
I must admit that after close inspection to my M2 3el 40m beam 
with a boom truck that we found a missing setscrew and this was
the cause of the swr curve looking like a signwave. Either it
worked itself out or was not put in during assembly (which is
hard to believe). I was advised to double up on setscrews and
put a second setscrew in right behind the first which I will do.

Having had visited a few mountain top radio sites, I am still
amazed at the lack of organization/planning of antenna placement
on towers. I guess it's total chaos on large towers and once the
towers are overloaded with large microwave antennas and hardline
that eventually something has to give. People should be responsible
for not only taking the antenna down but also the hardline as well.
I understand this was not done at Diablo Mtn where there was a large
tower failure due to wind (SanFran East Bay). Just my two cents worth.

73/Ron, k6ozl

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