Phil Isard wf3w@juno.com
Sun, 8 Nov 1998 14:49:50 -0500

I thot this anecdotal adventure mite prove illuminating, perhaps hopeful.

I live with about 220 acres behind my house. It is owned by the local
school board, 1 of the, very few, remaining dictatorial - despotic? -
completely autonomous bodies of power in our democracy. I have been using
their ground, for parts of my antenna farm, for 10 years. Of course, I
never told. Our taxes pass 4 grand per year with fewer services every
year. The land has lain fallow > 40 years. It is land-locked and cannot b

I had been experiencing vandalism for about 1 year, when I finally caught
sum SOB, Thanksgiving Day, last. My receiver suddenly went dread and I
raced outside. The idiot said he was taking-down my antennas because EMF
killed wildlife. He was VERY neatly coiling wires, ropes, etc. Just as a
thief would do, who thought his position invisible.

About 5 weeks ago, an anonymous miscreant 'turned me in', as it were. I
got a letter from the township, admonishing me to remove all
appurtenances or suffer fines. This was from the license/inspection dept.
I called and the gentleman in charge, was VERY nice. He said if I got
permission from the school board, HE certainly would have no objection.
He had inspected the sites and found them as dangerous as a falling
clothes line. The towers also gave him no concern. He iterated he would
NEVER even touch someone else's property, even if the removal deadline
had passed [I suppose this meant fines - gravy - for the township or due
process or I could cum and watch THEM destroy my property.

I called a neighborhood friend, township treasurer, and he said he 'fixed
things'. What he had done was arrange to have all my gear
removed/plundered/stolen, WITHOUT fines! BIG HELP!

I played a waiting game - I dont trust ANY one in ANY part of government
- and did not, immediately contact the school board [the head of the
board is an old HS teacher and I KNOW he was ALWAYS a politician,
destined to b a dictator]. When the 2nd letter arrived, to remove the
equipment or b fined, I HAND delivered letters to the appropriate school
board members AND a duplicate original [computers dont make carbons :) ]
to the gentleman at L&I, including a cover letter stating these were my
2nd letters to the school board.

THE NEXT DAY, the school board rep & the man from L&I inspected my sites,
& the school board guy said "no problem". When I had talked to him, on
the phone, anonymously, he had mentioned something about liability
insurance. DONT LET THEM PULL THIS! If an L&I or engineer-official says
its as harmless as [non-acid] rain, THAT controls.

In short, operating in secret, then getting turned-in, has granted me
township and school-board approval. The icing is, there is nothing in our
local ordinances to describe the ant & tower configuration I have. Ergo,
I couldnt apply for a permit. Its all FREE!

When I find the SOB who thinks he did me dirt, I will thank him. I hope
its eating him alive, why my stuff is still up.

BTW, hunters have been building tree-stands in the midst of where my ant
& towers r. But they cant b caught so easy [mostly cause its probably
police officers, I was told by L&I]. So, a 14-gauge is OK, behind homes,
but not RF. NO! This is NOT a condemnation of hunting or firearms. It is
a cry against unfairness and arbitrary government and who is the easiest
from whom to extort money.

73  Phil

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